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Academics at UW and ADPi

As Alpha Delta Pi's, we recognize that the primary reason we came to college is for our academic success. Considering our roots in Wesleyan College--the first university in the world to even offer degrees to women--we strive to maintain high academic success. We place great emphasis on academics in our chapter, which can be seen by our consistent ranking above the All Women’s Average GPA and All Sorority Average GPA for the University of Washington. We have a scholarship chair dedicated to the academic achievement of our sisters. She is a resource for finding tutors, creating study schedules, and reserving space in the library to study. Our sisters who achieve academic excellence with a 4.0 or Dean’s List are rewarded and recognized at the end of every quarter. Additionally, we have a scholarship mentor program established within our chapter, which ensures that girls can easily receive help, guidance and advice from upperclassmen who have similar majors or interests. Along with the high academic achievements of our sisters, Alpha Delta Pi's also participate in many other on-campus groups, clubs, and honor societies.


Study Abroad

Although we hate to say goodbye, we love watching our sisters expand their knowledge of the world around them and study abroad. Studying abroad is something that Alpha Delta Pi encourages our members to be a part of and we are extremely proud of our sisters who have been abroad so far this year. We hope all of our sisters who are currently studying abroad are having an amazing time! We cannot wait to be reunited and hear all about your adventures!

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